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PostSubject: Crystal Ball   Crystal Ball Icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2018 5:48 pm

Crystal Ball Gazing

For those of you that aren’t sure of how to work with a crystal ball…..

…and for those that you that do know how to work with a ball, then this is for you!

first its best to set the mood…. and light a candle - preferably a tea light - start as to how you would mean to go on….
you can then light incense if you choose to of your own variety, or put on music… or a 12 hour youtube video of relaxing music in the background.… relaxing and calming music of meditation that will help you be at ease in a sacred space…

(Meditate for a few moments, then when you are ready, proceed to the next step!)

Make sure your ball is cleansed, charged, purified, blessed, with short visualisation or by requesting the ball to show you when holding it in your healing hands, how it would prefer to be cleared, charged, purified, blessed…. all terms mean the same…

You can ask which way it wishes to be cleared and - If it shows you, great! - trust in it - if it shows you sea water or alternative method you can use… - then you can mix and mash them up e.g. sea salt and water…. clouds within a ball usually mean its awoken or has activated… I like the word awoken as its a more positive light…

It doesn’t need to be crystal for a ball, it can be clear quartz - transparent ball. Often, I find clear quartz will show me just as much stuff as a crystal quartz will do. I suppose its to do with whether or not you feel there’s a connection between you and the ball, as that always helps!

So, with crystal gazing… and granted, this is the way how i was shown, and this is but one way to get one started, because as i explored this subject further, different crystals could show you different insights, and different things… but i suspect it could be tailored to meet other purposes as well… e.g. tailored grids, but will come to that later on when working with the stones…!

So with your sacred space already sorted and the energy becoming more focused, pick up the ball from the stand and place it in your healing hands opposite your heart so you know what’s coming from the ball is connected to the heart and is true and positive…

if its on a stand, sometimes its best to have it in front of you…. start to gaze around the edges of the ball, and trust that imagery will be shown to you within the depths of the crystal… should a link open remember to work with the ball at the time of the open link, should spirit come forward to connect, its OK if their personalities shine through the ball’s open link, just let it all come forward… if you prefer to work with spirit direct, then put the ball down if drawn… and let spirit come direct…

…if you wish to work with the universal energy, ask for universal energy or guiding energy in your intention…but know that spirit are also part of the parcel of connecting in delivery of the messages through the ball that’s being the window to connect to the energies today…

let the messages filter through and that will be the messages you are tuned into that person’s energy for the day, put into the room when ready…

close the link when the messages have all finished translating across, remember to reground & protect for when finished and sip water when complete to reground, bring focus back to the room when you are ready to disconnect. pause. you should now be disconnected from sitter’s energy.
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Crystal Ball
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