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PostSubject: Reading Guidelines   Reading Guidelines Icon_minitimeSun Oct 21, 2018 9:00 am

If you are hoping to sit for a reading here at Love Infusion, you will need to know these following guidelines to be mindful of while we conduct the reading. It is respectful to be mindful that readers here are helping the site -  we all lead our daily lives and do have appointments in between. Time and energy given to complete your requests is voluntary, there is no obligation to work here, only if you want to work here do you let founder or myself know.

Team Readers have their own way of working, therefore, they are under no obligation to work, only when they drawn to read is best as the connections are more genuine when drawn and a lot stronger in linking in when the energy wishes to connect.

If you are wishing for a reading please remember that multiple requests for readings and constant requests for readings will be turned down, 1 - 2 months grace for before you can ask for another reading, so as to give you time to absorb what’s been said in the read, and to be sure that you absorb all information given to you in the reading. If you are wondering why the message is the same, its because you haven’t taken time to  absorb or understand what’s been said in a reading that was given to you. Team readers are not performers and will not answer on the demand requests.

Remember that the Future is NOT set in stone. You have the ability to change your own destiny and free will, freedom of choice is vital to growing and learning along the way. Readings are left open ended to do as you will with the information given.

RESPECT - vital for us as readers and CONFIDENTIALITY between reader and sitter, UNLESS you feel it important for admin to know in which case with sitter’s permission you would tell admin privately.

When sitting, answer with YES, NO, I Don’t know or Maybe, True. this is to ensure we are genuine readers and are working with what we don’t know about you. It also helps the flow of the link if you answer and yet, don’t divulge too much about you! If you don’t understand something please let us know and we can explain it more or re-word.

Do give us feedback as it allows us to know if we are on track.

No egos please - we are not purporting to be anyone or anything else. We are just ourselves leading the path we are going forwards in. We are just us being the best we can be!
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Reading Guidelines
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