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 Cord Cutting - How to Achieve It

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PostSubject: Cord Cutting - How to Achieve It   Cord Cutting - How to Achieve It Icon_minitimeSat Oct 20, 2018 5:24 pm

What you need to complete this exercise is a little bit of faith in who you believe in whether its spirit guides or goddesses, depending on who you are working with is what you believe in and will work for you. It might not for other people but it is what does for you.

Cords are a band of guiding energy that keep us connected both spiritually, magically, mystically, and energetically to the other people we are friendly with. Everyone has a cord, whether black, white, or grey.

Different coloured cords looks like phone cables or wires that just straight which connect you to another person. The kindest thing to do would be to cut the cord at both ends with assistance from those who you believe in who will be able to cut it for you, if you struggle with finding the energy too of the person. To allow the friendship to drift on in love and to let them walk their own path, what-ever that might be in love.
Cord cutting is a fab exercise to do as it keeps our energy free of energies that are guiding that might hinder our path and levels of energy.

So what do you need to complete this exercise?

Well, your visualization and a focused mindset for one thing. Belief in those guiding you is again another thing -- and the most challenging one of all -- TRUST 100% -- in yourself and in those guiding you in love and harmony. Working with this exercise is all about learning to listen to your own body's inner dialogue in terms of energy vibrations meaning that when it feels light and airy after the cord has been cut -- you will know for sure because it feels right like it has indeed been cut.

1. breathe and relax deeply by becoming aware of your breathing. breathe for 4 counts then exhale for 4 counts.... on the intake breath of your breathing, allow yourself to relax fully, and focus on the body beginning with your feet/soles of your feet, let them relax, then moving your focus to your legs... inhale... for four counts...

feel the tension drift away on the exhale breath for four counts....moving forwards with your hips, thighs, derriere, chest, arms and neck... gently shift all tension by standing up and giving your body a shake to clear away the negative vibrations... when you breathe again inhale for four counts and will now begin to feel more relaxed....

2. visualize in your mind's eye or third eye awareness, and focus on the cords you want to cut, black or white....become aware of the people you want to disconnect from whether they have lost their way and are walking a different path... the first names that pop up are the ones that need doing the most.... visualize at this point your energy with black cords joining you to other people,

 the ones that you wish disconnect from because they've left your life and are no need to fulfill their purpose... ask out loud or by thought for Goddess Artemis to step forwards and help cut your cords at the other person's end, which you have to trust she will do that....

You don't need to hear her specifically to be able to trust... same with angel if you wanted to ask AA Zadkiel Wink to help, you just need to know they are there... and are working with you...

You can then visualize the cord being cut at your end.... matters not whether you use scissors or a sword... or just untie the knot and say out loud go forth in peace, merry ye part, or words to that effect, you can if you want to wrap the knot in love after its done as well so that you know you've let go of the cord on your ends..

After you feel the cord has been cut, you can then thank those who have helped you and drink some water to ground your connection to the now as you know you are no longer living in the past anymore!
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Cord Cutting - How to Achieve It
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