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 Empathy - The differences in the ability

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PostSubject: Empathy - The differences in the ability   Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:29 pm

Empathy Being out in nature ~ Replenish and revive your energy in woodlands or by the sea, sea energies are cleansing for the soul. Woodlands have a quiet peaceful energy that is excellent to be used for general grounding. Water ~ Drink! Particularly if you are finding dryness in your mouth, but water is equally important for grounding us, spirit also use water as a connection for general spiritual communication. Meditate ~ Make that time your time. Give the self up to five to ten minutes to breathe easy and just relax. Whether it be in the bath, or to yourself, give your mind the breather it needs to refresh your passion and rekindle your inspiration for living life.
Cutting the Cords - Also important when dissolving old friendships and moving on in your life. This is a crucial lesson for empaths to learn with people that acquire your energy but don’t return it. Past and present and etheric cords with family members, friends and lovers can still be present even after the era has concluded. Time to cut the cords with AA Michael!
Creating Sacred Space ~ A Sacred space can be a space within your location of your home, or where you can be by yourself to meditate and to completely be yourself. It could be your meditation room, your art room, your office or it could be a place in your awareness that you feel comfortably at peace within. Go to this place at least once a day if only to mull over your thoughts, events and things to what happened during the day. Do not let others into your space because it takes away the goodness of being in your time of solitude.
Smudging ~ Quite important as are exercises of personal hygiene and clearing your own energy. Free from negativity, smudging your own energy helps to release, transmute and bless negative energy into positive in your energy field. You don’t need to use white sage, as long as you have positive intent, any incense will do.
Journalling, Art, Colour Art, Drawing, Writing- Be creative in what you do as it will help to bring in the inspirational needs and drive your passions higher to more open possibilities. Colour art equally will help to calm your mind and keep your stress, worries at bay.
Crystals - Stones like Blue Goldstone is equally good with empathy, citrine is a self-cleanser, mookite helps with loneliness as does moonstone, black obsidian is useful equally in clearing the aura from general negativity and defence from psychic attack.
Grounding & Aligning, Balancing ~ Doing this at least once if not twice a week helps initially to clear and work with your chakras, it is inner work on the personal self development.

Asking the energy to lift it is not your feeling & working with your guides, sending love out to the feeling and or moods, also helps. Acknowledging the feeling, wrapping it up in love and choosing to be happy, because you do deserve to be happy!
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Empathy - The differences in the ability
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