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 The Elevator Technique For Chakras

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PostSubject: The Elevator Technique For Chakras   Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:16 pm


This technique is handy for when opening the chakras both in your lower self and in your higher self, aligning them with the source of light that pours in through the crown chakra.

First of all, you may want to relax yourself in this picture's position as shown above when you build up your own calmness, breathe in one times to relax and out, to relax.... to release all negative tension ... and then when you are ready, start to visualize a lift opening its doors just in place where your root chakra is.... this lift is currently the colour red....which is vibrating alongside with your root chakra.... this is the grounding chakra....complete with the capability of grounding you and anchoring you to mother earth, keeping you in the now.

 step into the lift.... press the orange button and make your way to the next level... which is the sacral chakra... this again fills the lift that you are standing in with colour....

when you are ready, press the yellow button on the side beside the door and move up into the solar plexus you proceed, you become to be more aware of your surroundings, how you feel, whether you feel more lifted... notice how the colours awash opening the chakra further and surround you from head to foot in the colour and vibes

when you are ready, press the green button, and continue moving upwards along the meridians up to your heart center, allow the lift to fill with beautiful green healing light and to awash your heart center in universal love and light, clearing the atmosphere of old with loving vibrations.... you are now more centered on your path....

when you are ready you are free to press the blue button, which will elevate you higher to the throat chakra level... and do the same for this and you will be able to communicate with your own truths and staying true to your path.
....when you are ready, press the violet button in the elevator and proceed to the next stage, visualizing the lift to fill with beautiful purple light, and same with the crown chakra...and when you have reached the full stage of chakras, you will be much closer to aligning with your higher self and connecting to the universal source loving light of the heavens, which you can draw down from the universe to fill your body and energy fields full of light that's healing and soothing for the soul.

To disconnect, simply ensure that you get back into the lift and to visualize yourself going down through the stages of chakras in order to close fully.
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The Elevator Technique For Chakras
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