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PostSubject: Mystic Merlinite   Mystic Merlinite Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2018 1:40 pm

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Merlinite is the name given to a type of Gabbro, and is a black and white mixed colour stone which includes a mixture of Quartz, Feldspar and other minerals with metaphysical properties. This is also known as Dendritic Opal and has a blend of agate and chalcedony.

This stone particularly works with awareness of the self and soul healing. This beautiful crystal works with the agate family so has all kinds of calming and soothing energies within its interior.

Merlinite though is a stone of magick, it is said to blend the best of both worlds from heaven unto earth together, allowing one to harness energy from multiple realities and realms.

Merlinite allows you to get in contact with your surroundings more and just be generally aware of what's within them. It is a stone of observation and learning to work with it in terms of intuition, instincts and inner healing on the mystical perspective of life.
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Mystic Merlinite
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