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We are a friendly soul family for all natural walks of life and all that lead a mystical-friendly based pathway. We welcome everyone into our circle. Why not join us?
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 Our Dream and Motivation

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PostSubject: Our Dream and Motivation   Our Dream and Motivation Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2018 11:29 am

Our dream and motivational focus for this community!

The goal is to provide a peaceful but harmonious and united alliance with all interested souls that are willing to create a family atmosphere in our site that's friendly and positively genuine!

We are firm believers in positive energy and the uplifting vibrations of positive energy that can lift us into good and higher spirit(s), and also good qualities that help us and our vibration. Our intentions are checked often to make sure our heart(s) are in the right place.

We want to HELP anyone that wishes to be helped, by creating this site, we are co-creating with our guides in spirit to make sure this place is home to us and becomes a sacred space for all that wish to join us and participate within our project today.

Not all of us consider ourselves to be psychic mediums. On here you'll find a misfit collection of people that lead a pagan/wiccan/mystic/spiritualist/witchery/shamanic pathway, all earth-friendly path(s) are also welcomed here. We strongly suggest that you put EGO aside or heal it please because we understand that many have been hurt by the likes of ego, us too, ourselves know what that's like to be hurt by someone with ego and we ask that we focus on the positive only. That means RESPECT and true genuine foundations of friendship is vital to us succeeding ~ as are positive intentions, positive actions and a higher, but positive focus. You ought to be over 18+ to receive a reading from us though. Membership is offered freely for anyone over 18.

Do are you will provided it does not harm us or yourself, we are entrusting this site to you to fill it as you wish with your knowledge and make it home for you but in a peaceful way that's nurturing for you too Wink We don't mind other people coming onto our site to make it the way it should be today, but we do suggest that nobody judges on anyone and keep an open mind on what you might find here. Everyone ought to be seen on the same wavelength and equal standing is key whether you are staff member or member.

Grounding and Protection is up to you to decide what's best for you as is free will, freedom of choice and all readings are left open-ended for you to decide what's best for you. Everyone has the capability of guiding healing energy in, but we do not claim to be doctors, medical trained people, we do not purport to be anything at all! Confidentiality is key on all working(s) between reader and sitter and also healer and clientele so as to make sure the trust element is the foundation. Unless you feel it wise that admin ought to know about it, in which case you'd ask the person in the hot seat at the time for their permission first to reveal what they've confided in you to admin.

Staff reserve the right to amend this dream ambition when the need arises - thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

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Our Dream and Motivation
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